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Alumni Union have appointed as its first panel member the boutique law firm of Gedye & Sons. With offices in central London and the Lake District, Gedye and Sons specialise in conveyancing, estate planning, will drafting and estate administration.

Do you keep meaning to write – or update – your will? Or deal with some necessary estate planning but keep putting it off? Perhaps you need help but don’t know where to look. Or perhaps you’re concerned about how costly getting that help might be? At Alumni Union we understand that sometimes you need guidance and someone you can trust with these important life decisions and we think we’ve found the solution: our Legal Panel, a team of solicitors ready to bring you their expertise.

By doing the hard work of finding the best in the business and forging a personal relationship with them – as we do with every partnership we offer – we’ve also been able to bring you the significant saving of a uniform discount on these specialist solicitors’ hourly or fixed-rate charges.

We’ll be announcing the appointment of more firms covering other regions of the UK soon.

Is buying a property is in your future? Then you might want to put Gedye & Sons on your phone’s speed dial. We’re offering an exciting new deal on conveyancing, so that Alumni Union members using that service will pay the firm’s standard rate but will get credit for a reduction off the price of their other services in addition to the Alumni Union discount.

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